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Movie Night with 30+ Players!

Imagine a theatre filled with all your teammates and a few brave chaperones... and you can feel all the laughter, smiles,  endless Slurpees, popcorn, and restroom breaks:)

Sometimes as coaches, parents and guardians, we forget these competitive basketball players are just kids.  We believe that the best way for our kids to learn is to be engaged.  If they can engage and bond with their teammates, they will enjoy their path that will be filled with a lot of successes and also a lot of failures.  Having an authentic support group that is diverse and real will help them through some of their most difficult years as a youth.  At the end of the day, their growth and happiness as a person is far more important than their growth as an athlete.  That is our ultimate goal with this program.

Just a few a couple weeks ago, these players didn't know each other, now they are teammates that care, support, and respect each other's friendship.  And most importantly, they have a ton of fun with each other!

SOLO Movie Night


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