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"I cannot say enough positive things about the Youth Stars Basketball program.  I was instantly impressed as Coach Steve and Coach Hemingway met with the players and families explaining the core values of their program. I am an educator and have a son who has been involved in youth sports for the last 6 years. The focus Youth Stars places on fundamentals, academics, character building, friendship, community service and the importance of teamwork is evident at EVERY practice, clinic, and game. Adults who care about players as people, not just athletes, surround and uplift all kids involved in this program. Youth Stars Basketball is what ALL sports programs should strive to be."


—  Cortney

Our Mission

To inspire young people by connecting them to positive experiences in academics, athletics and community service.


Our program is inspired to teach beyond the game.

We believe that building character, friendships, diversity, effort, a team-first mentality, and most importantly, doing so while having fun playing a sport we all love.  We have learned this culture brings the most success at all levels.


Athletics is simply a game but it also provides youth with a positive environment to develop life-skills. Athletics, if used correctly, can be a gateway to achievement in all aspects of life.


End of Spring Season Pool Party #youthst

Our Vision

To help young people in Salem Keizer realize their full potential by connecting them to their communities, schools, and athletic teams through positive experiences that will help cultivate their character, intelligence, curiosity, passion, altruism and self-worth so they can have a high degree of success in high school and beyond.  

Our Values

1.  We believe in the potential of young people.

Our work is focused on unlocking our kids potential and building their self worth—not constraining it.

2.  Committed to Progress.

We are unafraid to disrupt the current environment and constraints in order to help our kids with their most challenging problems and helping them fulfill their potential.

3.  Guided by Integrity.

We passionately believe true partnerships are rooted in authenticity, integrity, and respect.

4.  Outreach with a Purpose.

We create experiences that are powerful, altruistic and built around the needs of the young people and community we serve.

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world"

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