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Changing the Game - Kickoff Fundraiser!

Have you ever asked yourself as a coach, a parent or a player "Why does competitive basketball cost so much money and why is only about winning?"  Steve and I have asked the same questions year in and year out and finally decided to change the game, hence the formation of Youth Stars Basketball.

We officially got our first class of athletes and kicked off a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser.  The fundraiser was a great experience for our players, allowing them to bond and understand how much support the community is behind them in hopes of building not only great athletes but future leaders.

With the help of our fundraiser, combined with the generous donations from True Wealth, Dutch Bros, and Green Acres Landscape, we were able to cover 99% of the cost of our Spring Program.  We have officially leveled the playing for all of our athletes looking for a competitive basketball program that marches to a bigger drumbeat than just winning!

Thank you again to everyone that participated, from our sponsors to our parents and of course, our athletes. Many of you in town have already stepped forward to help.  But without your unwavering support, this project might not have succeeded.

The smiles from our team said it all!  THANK YOU!!!

If you have friends or family interested in our program, please contact Steve or Hemingway for more info.

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